Route to Victory was founded in October 24,2016 by Jacqueline Mckeever. It was founded to help people , who like her, faced many "booms" in their life that affected their financial health and wellness. She grew up in poverty. She was raised by her great grandparents, Their income came from government assistance and lived in public housing. Jacqueline had to learn about credit, budgeting, career development, and to strategically plan for success through experience, She decided to join the fight to educate and prevent or change outcome of the lives of people. She decided to equip people with the tools and resources that will not only affect the lives of the individuals she comes in encounter with but their communities. It is her believe that we change communities, cities, states, and the world by positively impacting one person at a time. Her experience was followed by obtaining a Masters in Business Administration with an Emphasis on Accounting and financial and career coaching training.

Route To Victory is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization.

Mission:  To empower people's lives through financial health and wellness

Objective: Helping you learn to manage your money, reach your financial goals, and create an amazing life.

We begin by providing workshops training sessions, financial coaching, career coaching that prepare you for greater success in your personal finances and strengthens your relationship with money and help you live the life you desire.



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