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Originally an Arkansan her and her year older sister raised in public housing by their great grandmother (74 years old) and great grandfather (85 years old). She describes dramatic life changing events as “boom”. Her first “boom” happened she 9 years and three quarters. She describes this times as when her childhood ended and her adulthood began. The “boom” involved the death of her great grandfather, a great loss of his income, and a drastic reduction in her great grandmother's income. This caused Jackie to learn about poverty and made her notice everything in her surroundings.  She began to learn to manage her money, save, and make a profit without even knowing what those words meant. She describes them as God given gifts because there were no role models demonstrating this nor did she receive any teaching of this during this time. She just went with her gut feelings.

Years later, she completed her Business Management degree and then went on to get her Masters in Business with a minor in Accounting. Later she jumped into the Nonprofit world by first volunteering to do taxes and then becoming a financial coach. Later she evolved into a Life and Business transformational coach where she helps current and future entrepreneurs build, repurpose, and achieve transformational results in life, finance, and business getting them to more.

Shortly after, she created a Non-profit charity called Route To Victory. She created it because she wanted people who were lost to know that the route to victory is closer than they think.  She also preaches and teaches people to Get up and walk their path. It is aimed at motivating people to to apply action to their belief. And to remind them that they are co-authors in the lifestyle they live. She is also one of the contributing authors in the Smell of Poverty. And she has written a book called Eat and Save a Southerns Girl’s Guide to Eating and Saving. In her career she spent over 10 years managing contracts and budgets that totaled over 5 million dollars ,has managed of over 8 supervisors and 150 staff members. She restructured department sections, trained managers and supervisors, got employees focused on departmental goals, got management focused, provided strategy to develop departmental goals, changed the look of departments, and more. She is loves to make things flow so she would also assist others in other departments from behind the scenes.One of the things she prides herself on is surviving  her “boom” with depression. She learned about how it is ok to seek help no matter the issue and to stop hiding who she was.When she decided to come out of hiding she found her strength, her purpose, her trust in God, and how depression no longer was the driver in her life.

Each day she displays the person who God created and allows her light to shine. And she uses her platforms to share her scars as a sign that restoration is possible with debt, credits, and with the 80% of life your control. You have to Get up and Walk your path.