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Have you been noticing on your timeline the number of small and large businesses going live on FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM?

Hey you all if you understood the impact of social media is in your business even if you have a brick and mortar you wouldn't want to just let this offer pass you by.

Did you know according to SBA (Small Business Administration) 50% of small business close their doors within the 1st 3 years of business.

Have you ever asked why?

1. Lack of planning
2. Lack of staying current with the market
3. Lack of signing up to things that benefit their program

I posted previously about a offer to basic FB training that includes:

  1. FB/IG live tips

  2. Live group training

  3. Review for lives (those already using social media lives)

  4. How to use Social media live to capture audience attention

  5. How to use Social media lives to get clients

  6. Actually going live with me (one person will win)

    Listen this would normally cost you a minimum of $600 per person in a group training and more for 1:1 with me doing this. But I am only doing it for Free available until Saturday August 23,2019.
    I have spent over a decade training people from various backgrounds and learning styles. I don't believe in wasting your time or mine.

    I mentioned that this offer is FREE for a limited time. Here's the cut off date to IM me your interest : August: 23, 2019 noon.

    After that I am moving on and it will no longer be FREE and may not be available. So hurry while it available.

    If you are interested I will send you a link to Register